A Day in the Life of a RentMonster Agent



My alarm goes off at 7:30, and I snooze for ten minutes. Then I snooze again. Then I snooze again. Finally, I drag myself out of bed and zombie my way into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. By 8:45, I’m out the door and headed to the office. On the way, I listen to Birmingham Mountain Radio and sip my coffee with hazelnut creamer. I’m in a good mood because we just formed another good relationship with an apartment management company and it means even more options to show clients!



I get to the office and greet Melissa and Alex. Melissa is on a phone call with a UAB basketball coach about housing four players that are coming in for the season. Alex is updating our internal database with the new apartments we have just started to represent. The database has info on each of the properties such as how many bedrooms, price, apartment number, if one of us has an application down on the apartment, etc.

I sit down at my desk, take the last sip of my coffee, and I open my email. I’ve have five emails to read. Two of them are from clients looking for an apartment, one of which is moving here from Pennsylvania and knows nothing about Birmingham. The other client LOVES her apartment on 280 so much, but just really wants to try out apartment life right in the city, especially since she already spends so much of her spare time up here anyway. Another email is from a Hope at J. H. Berry letting me know one of my clients has been approved for the apartment she applied for! The last two emails are a daily email from the Birmingham Business Journal and an email from Judd at Kahn Properties letting us know he and Gayle will be out of town next week on business but we can still feel free to contact him with questions while we continue to show their apartments.

I call my client that has just been approved, and I let her know the good news!  I also give her instructions on paying deposit and verify what day she’d like to move in. Her parents will be in town to help her move this weekend, so she’d like to go ahead and pick up the keys on Friday. She asks if I have a suggestion for a moving company or for someone that does renter’s insurance, and I send her information for both.

Now I open up facebook and craigslist, and I post ads for different apartments on both. I respond to five voicemails I had received the night before. I set up one appointment for this evening, two for tomorrow, one for Saturday. Then, I set aside some time for tomorrow afternoon to do a video for one of the clients looking to move into a place “sight unseen.” He’s moving here from Brazil and won’t be able to look around for places before he lands in the city. Tomorrow, when I get a bit more time, I will take plenty of video of the apartments he’s most interested in and let him decide which he likes best.


My 10:00 appointment arrives. Her name is Amber and she’s wearing a purple rain coat and matching purple rain boots. She and I are going to get along just fine.  I offer her something to drink, but she’s already got coffee in hand, so she declines with a smile. She tells me she’s going to be working at UAB soon and wants information about apartments near the area. I tell her about the ones that I think would fit what she’s looking for, and I show pictures. She’s VERY interested in one near our office in Avondale, but would also be interested in seeing one we represent in Forest Park and another we have near the new Publix in the Parkside District. I grab keys and we both hop in my car to go take a look. I show her the one she’s most excited about first. She tells me it’s even more spacious than it looks in the picture. She also talks about how great the energy feels in this apartment and she can see her furniture easily fitting in the enormous living room. She doesn’t need the second bedroom, but it’d be nice to have an art room! We leave from there to go to the other two. As I expected, they just didn’t beat the first one. We head back to my office to complete the application for the one in Avondale. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. She starts out the door excitedly, and I tell her to look out from a call from me very soon once the management company runs her application.

I head to Farris properties to turn in the application. Matthew and John are both there and are as cheerful as always. We talk about apartments that might be coming soon, and then we talk about new restaurants that are about to open in the city. From there, I leave to go eat at Rowe’s in Avondale. I’m sort of obsessed with their patty melt.


I look on the RentMonster calendar and see that Melissa has nothing on her calendar for lunch. Since our office is right next to Rowe’s, I pop in to see if she’s there. She is. I ask if she’d like to go to lunch with me. She would.

After lunch, we head back to the office. My client Brad arrives a few minutes later for our 1:00 appointment. Melissa’s client arrives at the same time. I sit down with my client in a separate waiting room. He and I have already been on one appointment. He really liked one in highland, but the parking situation wasn’t quite ideal. So he’s back to view one of our new apartments! I double check my notes with him to make sure we are exactly on the same page as far as what’s important to him, and we head out to see the new apartment. He falls in love at first sight. He’s a bit low on the income requirement, though, so he’ll need a cosigner. His father has already agreed to help him, so once I help Brad complete his portion of the application, he calls his father who lives in California. I send him everything he needs via email, and he promptly sends everything back to me.


Once I’ve turned in Brad’s application, I head to Hotel Highland to give the hotel manager a new stack of my RentMonster fliers. She puts them out and we have a great conversation about cats. She loves cats ALMOST as much as I do. =P

From there, I head back to the office to meet my 3 o’clock appointment. Mandy doesn’t need to move until May, but she wants to meet me and get a good idea of what to expect. After a really good conversation about the market and our service, Mandy leaves feeling relieved and excited. She and I will stay in touch until it’s a bit closer to her desired move in date.

From there, I head to Dwell Properties. My client Jeff is coming in to sign a lease, and I wanted to be there for his big day. Jeff asks a ton of questions, but of course the owner of Dwell Properties, Joseph Hiden, is extremely patient and caring as always. Jeff leaves feeling confident and ready to move into his new apartment. He grabs a dwell koozie on his way out. Good call.

After having a cool conversation with my buddy Lawrence at dwell about bands we both love, I head to a networking event at the Wine Loft. Free food? I’m there.

I meet some pretty interesting people, and we exchange business cards. One of the guys I meet at this event has a nephew that is looking to move into a larger apartment in the city. He calls the nephew while we are speaking, and then hands me the phone. The nephew and I set an appointment for the following week. I leave full and I throw on my calendar a reminder to follow up with the people I’ve met at this event.

From there, I head home. There are a few voicemails in my inbox and a couple messages on FB about the apartments I’d posted. I respond to those before calling it a day.

I spend the rest of the evening making funny videos of my cats (I have three) and helping my boyfriend cook.

It’s a good day.

Cat Tax . . . here’s “Spike“.