RentMonster Monster Bash 2016



A year ago we had our very first Halloween party that also doubled as a housewarming party. This was our first little shindig after moving to our incredible Avondale castle, and it was certainly a good time!

But this year’s Halloween party? I can’t even talk about it without a huge smile on my face.

Our team had been planning this Halloween party for a while now. For the last several weeks the office has been littered with decoration projects (most of which came from Pinterest) and excited RentMonster agents.


Halloween is our favorite favorite FAVORITE holiday. This, my friends, is when we shine. After all, we are the monsters, and this year we wanted to blow ourselves away.

The party was last Friday, and I’m not going to lie, we were all a little stressed trying to pull it together. I got to the party a little late because I stayed at the office late trying to figure out a major glitch in the photo booth I’d been working on all week.

So let’s see…I arrived around 8:40. I’m greeted at the door by a door man. Apparently our Chief Monster has pulled some strings and gotten us a big guy that refuses to let anyone in the door without proof they’re invited. I’ve been at RentMonster for three years, and I had to call Brian just so he’d let me in.

“You’re doing a great job,” I said. I meant it. A freaking door guy to keep idiots from trying to crash our party? CHECK.

So then I walk in the door. There are people standing in the hallway underneath one of our pinterest projects.


(That’s floating candles under a universe backdrop)

I scoot down the hall and turn to go into the dining room. There are about ten people in this room, half of which are loading up plates of food that Tropicaleo has graciously provided for us. The other half are having the time of their lives at our photo booth. Thank goodness! I walk in right in time to see them grab their photo from the printer.

Photo booth = win.


I enter the kitchen. There are several people laughing and drinking here. And then I step outside.

Oh my.

We situated the kegs of local beer on our back porch, so obviously there are lots of people standing around it. Our back yard is full of people. I’m blown away. This….wow….this is a great turn out.

Rent monsters. #rentmonster

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Eunice Elliot from WVTM 13 is sitting on the porch waiting to judge our costume contest. I watch as 22 contestants (mostly couples) walk on the porch to model for everyone.

And the winner goes to… Babadook!

He’s going to Fancy’s on Fifth with a nice, shiny $50 gift card.

Here’s my photo booth experience with him. I’m quite satisfied with the level of creepiness, I have to say.


The party ran late pretty late, and even the people that were “only going to stay for a minute” ended up hanging out for hours. The next morning we all strolled in with memories to share. What a night!

Goal: An even better Halloween party every single year.

Ready for Halloween 2017?