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To Whom It May Concern,

At Kahn Properties, we are extremely pleased to pen this letter of recommendation on behalf of RentMonster.

Brian and his team of agents have been one of the leading forces in bringing qualified applicants to our apartments. RentMonster has the highest applicant-to-lessee rate with our company and also has the highest rate in those lessees renewing for additional years after the first lease term expires. Brian has branded his company very well, with excellent advertising, a highly recognizable purple color scheme, and the unique "monster" mascot. It attracts business simply by the first glance of those hunting for an apartment home.

We consider working with RentMonster to be "100% Hit Advertising". It works very well for us and for our business model because we only pay when a unit is leased, and we like the idea of the "Pay for Success" strategy.

Brian and his agents are always well informed about the policies and procedures we have and they are careful to follow those when presenting applications. His agents go the extra mile to get the job done.

We intend to maintain our professional relationship with RentMonster well into the future. We would strongly recommend working with RentMonster to other property managers.