RentMonster works for Birmingham!

· Our Mission

At RentMonster, our primary mission is to contribute in every way we can, to the improvement of our beloved city. With the current renaissance taking place in Birmingham, there are countless talented people working hard every day to help our revitalization move forward. How can RentMonster contribute? Simple. The multifamily boom across the nation is as alive in the Magic City as it is anywhere! Smart multifamily investors already know this. At RentMonster, the way we accomplish our primary mission is by helping these astute investors attain the highest ROI possible for their contribution to our great city's growth. After all, if you make money by investing in Birmingham, you’re likely to continue to do so!

· What Does That Mean For Apartment Owners?

RentMonster has one focus: helping you succeed! Our commission-only model for leasing means there are no monthly listing fees, charges per call, advertising bills or any of the other intangible expenses you’ve seen many times. You will never receive an invoice from us unless we have delivered a real resident, who has signed a lease and moved into your property. If we don’t deliver for you, we would never even think of asking for a single penny. At RentMonster, we’re happy to sing for our supper!

· What Do Renters Think?

Management companies and owners find that our clients are happier in their homes because they made a genuinely diligent search with a professional leasing agent. When they choose to live at your property, it’s because they are certain that it’s the perfect place for them! They give you positive reviews, tell their friends how much they love living there, and yes, they renew their leases at a much higher rate than residents from other sources. After all, why move when you love where you live now?

· How do we know it works?

RentMonster is by far the largest apartment leasing company in the city of Birmingham. We lease more apartments for more owners and management companies than anyone in town. Our expertise is known around the country. But never forget, RentMonster has Birmingham in our blood! We love our city, we love the wonderful apartment homes here, and we allow nothing to distract us from our passion to help people truly live in Birmingham! As you might expect, the results speak for themselves. Our ability to lease-up new and renovated properties inspires multifamily investors to come back to us every time they make a new acquisition. We make them money by increasing occupancy, and therefore NOI ­- fast! In addition to leasing, owners frequently call us for help in pricing units, and even to help determine potential rent before purchasing a property.

We are your partner for success, but don’t take our word for it. Feel free to contact us for a list of management companies who would be happy to tell you about their experiences with us.