"RentMonster has high standards for the property management companies they work with . . . The staff are super friendly and gave lots of great advice to help me get adjusted to a new city. I would highly recommend this service to anyone apartment hunting in Birmingham."
"I was relocating from Greenville, SC and could not look at apartments in person, RentMonster took me on several FaceTime tours of properties. After the unit had been secured for me, the agent even went back to help me measure the space for my washer and dryer unit so I could order them ahead of time. They were always highly responsive to my texts, emails and calls and also found me a unit that had not yet been listed. Would recommend to anyone."
"Finding a place to live when you work full time can be quite the hassle. Not with RentMonster! They are very easy to reach out to and convenient to work with. Absolutely no hassle. What I love is that they communicate and by that I mean via email or even text. When you work in an office it's not always easy to answer the phone so having the luxury of having an agent contact you through text is clutch. They truly take pride in helping find the right home for you."